Panang & Pot Stickers – SOLD OUT!

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Veggie Spring Rolls
Sesame lime sweet chili
Dairy free
A Thai themed meal just wouldn’t be complete with some type of spring roll! There are countless variations in Thailand and they are on just about every street food vendors cart.

“Pad Thai” Inspired Pot Stickers
Tamarind Nuoc Cham glaze
Dairy free
The addition of a Pad Thai noodle style glaze on these pot stickers makes you wish they were found more regularly on Thai restaurant menu’s!

The Main Event ~
Chef Jordan’s Panang Style Coconut Chicken Curry
Fresh lemongrass, Kaffir lime & savory spices
Sautéed onions, carrots & bell peppers
Fresh Thai basil
(Spiced mild with extra chili on the side to kick it up!)
Gluten free, dairy free
This recipe was inspired by chef Jordan’s travels through Thailand. Panang is essentially a red coconut curry with the addition of a savory spice blend of cumin, cardamom, coriander, clove, nutmeg and black pepper. We really love the depth of flavour that this blend of savoury spices adds to the curry!

Steamed Long Grain Rice
Gluten free, dairy free

Zen Slaw
shaved Napa & green cabbage, julienne cucumber, carrots & scallion,
toasted peanuts, fresh cilantro & mint
Spicy peanut dressing
Gluten free, dairy free

Suggested wine pairing – Gewürztraminer or off dry Pinot Gris

"You Bake" Marshmallow Crunch Chocolate Chip Cookies
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These were one of the original Flambé At Home dessert items when we first started home deliveries. With the addition of coming out of your own oven at home hot & fresh makes it pretty hard to beat!

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Panang & Pot Stickers – SOLD OUT!