Flambe At Home Subscription

Order once and dinner is delivered to your door every Friday.
FREE Delivery with all weekly subscriptions!

Automatic subscription payments are processed a week in advance on the Friday before the scheduled delivery date. The first payment is upon sign-up and the second payment is processed the first Friday after sign-up for the following week. Subscription prices exclude specialty meals and holiday deliveries.

Sign up Wednesday before @8:30pm
included in this Friday’s delivery (providing it’s not already sold out!)
Subscriptions placed after Wednesday @8:30pm
first delivery one week from Friday.

Skip a delivery anytime by logging in on or before the Friday prior to delivery.
➜ Log in and then click “My Subscription” and then click “Skip Next Weeks Delivery”
*Some users have reported better results managing their accounts with a computer as opposed to a smartphone.*

Order Now

Please add the quantity of bags you wish to add to your new weekly subscription. Each bag includes dinner for 2 people.
Price: $ 55.00 CAD
Would you like a house-made dessert included in your weekly delivery? Please add the number of desserts per person you would like. Dessert is portioned for 1 person.
Price: $ 6.00 CAD

First payment: March 24, 2023

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