St. Paddy’s Day Bash



This menu is another throwback to our catering days of hosting events at the 1912 in Kaleden… with a couple of new additions!

House Baked Irish Soda Bread & Butter

Luck Of The Irish GREEN Salad
Baby kale and spinach greens, house pickled red onion & green cabbage, toasted pumpkin seeds & preserved lemon vinaigrette
Gluten free, dairy free

Flambés “Colcannon”
Sour cream & confit garlic whipped red skinned potatoes with crispy bacon, green onions & steamed green cabbage
Gluten free

Citrus Smashed Carrots
Lightly roasted & smashed carrots, citrus zest & lemon yogurt drizzle
Gluten free

Epic Corned Beef & Grainy Dijon Mustard
10 day in house brined & 24 hr sous vide beef brisket
Close your eyes and think about corned beef… ok now wipe that out of your mind and replace everything you used to know with this delicious cheffed up version.
Gluten free, dairy free

Guinness Brined & Glazed Chicken
Herb & beer brined chicken thighs, oven roasted apples, mushrooms & caramelized onions,
Guinness beer gastrique
*A gastrique is a sweet and tangy sauce that starts with a base of caramelized sugar. The sweetness is balanced out with a hint of vinegar & a whole lot of Guinness beer!

"You Bake" Marshmallow Crunch Chocolate Chip Cookies
(2 to an order)

These were one of the original Flambé At Home dessert items when we first started home deliveries. With the addition of coming out of your own oven at home hot & fresh makes it pretty hard to beat!

$7.00 each

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Chicken Pot Pie

Ultratender slow braised chicken, house made buttermilk biscuit crust, roasted carrots, potatoes & peas in our rich overnight simmered chicken gravy.
Serves 1-2

$8.00 each

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Flambe Menu for 2


St. Paddy’s Day Bash!